Inserts - Fasteners for light-weighed structures

Wherever sandwich structures are used such as honeycomb or similar materials, inserts play an important role. Typical areas of application are aircraft cabin equipment and structures for bins, galleys, lavatories, insulation panels and lots more.

These inserts come in different versions such as threaded, non-threaded, blind, through, locking or non-locking, wire inserts and even floating.

We supply these inserts according to most international norms from stock or per customer drawing directly from the manufacturer.

These Industrio inserts “Made in Germany” come according to many different standards such as:

  • EN3236
  • DIN65187, DIN65188, DIN65189, DIN65190, DIN65191, DIN65306, DIN65307…
  • NAS1832, NAS1833, NAS1834, NAS1835, NAS1836
  • SL601, SL603, SL604, SL606, SL607, SL618, SL644, SL6288…and more

also customized sizes and drawing parts are welcome…