Aerospace Products

We offer a wide range of hardware and standard parts for the aerospace industry.

Below you find some very few examples of all the products we can supply.

High-end fasteners, bolts and studs . . . .

Made out of different special materials

  • Ti-alloys (TiAl6V4, TiBetaC)
  • high strength, hardened and tempered steels (1.6604 / 30NCD16)
  • heat resisting precipitation-hardening steels (A286 / 1.4944)
  • high strength and corrosion resistant steels (13-8 Mo / 17-4 PH)
  • high strength precipitation-hardening Ni-alloys (Inconel 718)
  • high strength and high corrosion resistant NiCo-alloys (MP35)

In different sizes (M2 up to M16) according to requirements of international standard parts:

  • AN
  • DIN
  • EN
  • LN
  • MS
  • NAS
  • NFL

Or special customer drawings and standards.

Inserts for cabin structures

Safely assembling and combining light-weight structures requires reliable metallic inserts. Industrio offers threaded and non-threaded inserts for many aircraft applications.  These inserts are used for honeycomb and sandwich structures as well as for aircraft galleys and other cabin equipment. Industrio provide fast and reliable supply including KANBAN supply chain.

We not only provide large quantity just-in-time supplies. If you need small quantities or special not standard types, with Industrio you will find short lead times and fair prices. 

These inserts “Made in Germany” come according to many different standards such as:

  • EN3236
  • DIN65187, DIN65188, DIN65189, DIN65190, DIN65191, DIN65306, DIN65307…
  • NAS1832, NAS1833, NAS1834, NAS1835, NAS1836
  • SL601, SL603, SL604, SL606, SL607, SL618, SL644, SL6288…and more

Also customized sizes and drawing parts are welcome… 

These products are EN/AS9100 certified and come with full traceability and full test certs.