Aerospace Rivets and Blind Fasteners

Based on our experience of 95 years manufacturing of solid rivets for the aerospace industry we provide the full range of aerospace rivets and Blind Structural Fasteners from the leading OEM-approved manufacturers. 

Solid Rivets are economical fasteners used all over the aircraft structure due to their reliability and performance. We offer these rivets in premium quality from the leading aerospace rivet manufacturers.

Aerospace Rivets

KingSet™ – A Revolutionary Rivet Delivery System

KingSet™ is a sophisticated handheld riveting system offering users a truly unprecedented level of functionality.

With auto-feed capabilities – KingSet™ can literally be used to set any type of 1/8”, 5/32” and 3/16” break stem blind rivet pre-loaded on tape. And since KingSet™ has been engineered and designed for different application ranges, it can easily adapt to a variety of manufacturing environments. 

KingSet™ is a fully portable, ergonomically balanced tool that can be suspended either horizontally or vertically. This is combined with a highly engineered, one-touch operation that allows users to set rivets automatically while leaving one hand free to hold work pieces in place. Plus, a built-in Mandrel Collection System (MCS) helps insure work place safety and cleanliness.

Perfect for mid-range to high volume applications, KingSet™ provides a strong, reliable joint while effectively streamlining the assembly of everything from appliances, to automotive products, to electronic chassis, to HVAC and other sheet metal fabrications.

Blind Structural Fasteners are products that can be installed from one side only and are typically used in larger areas of the airframe structure or hard-to-access wing areas like leading edges. 

Blind Rivet
Rivetking Kingset