Business Partner Satisfaction

ALA Germany quality management is designed to thrive not just for customer satisfaction but for excellence and leadership.


Our business partners - suppliers and customers - are the basis of our success and future. So we continuously improve our processes and performance in order to make our business partners our true fans.

In order to measure your satisfaction we use the unique NPS method. This method which is simple but highly effective covers only one question.


"How likely is it that you would recommend ALA Germany and our services to others?"


How likely is it that you would recommend ALA Germany and our services to others? (0 = unlikely, 10 = very likely)


( Unlikely )
( Very likely )

Latest Ratings

NPS PlugIn 3

  1. 9
    sehr guter Service - kann ich nur weiterempfehlen
  2. 10
    Super Service , schnelle Lieferung ! Danke :-)
  3. 7
    Good reactivity of our contact Pietro but prices too hight and too long leadtime. Best regards. Aurelie MAUSSANT.
  4. 9
    gute Erreichbarkeit und rasche Zustellung von Angeboten.
  5. 10
    Everything is good. You do support perfectly and has the difficult part but some part is a little expensive.
  6. 9
    Sehr umfangreiche Dokumentation zu den gelieferten Bauteilen. Guten und unkomplizierter Service. Schnelle Angebote und gute Übersicht über verfügbare Teile.
  7. 8
    Wir sind bis heute sehr zufrieden mit den Leistungen!
  8. 9
    - schnelle Rückmeldung - schnelle Bearbeitung - schnelle Lieferung - sehr freundlich und hilfsbereit
  9. 10
    Schnelle Bearbeitung
  10. 9
    Super Service kann ich nur weiterempfehlen
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